Knowing Cyclist Wardrobe

Pedla Ride

It all started with cycling.. some call it a sport, some sees it as a mode of transportation, some adopt it as a lifestyle , treat it as a escape, or a method to feel free. However you look at it; we understand! When we started our cycling accessory business, things are very simple, as a cyclist; I try something I like and I want to share it with other cyclist, and this is how cyclist wardrobe begins. From the day when we were small home base seller to retail store and eventually distribution , this “sharing what I love” idea never change and never will, if our intention is sharing with friend, we truly hope that our customer will eventually become friend. We firmly believe everyone should be able to express themselves, and reflect their passion of cycling, and with our carefully selected products, we hope to provide not only the best quality and safe products, along the way you will also be able to find a way to tell the world who you are! Be it a simple pair of socks, to an important protection of cycling helmet, we simply won’t sell you a thing we don’t personally love or use, you may call it as our mission, we just see it as sharing of love !