Handlebar Mustache Level Up Socks
Handlebar Mustache Level Up Socks

Handlebar Mustache Level Up Socks

Handlebar Mustache

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Handlebar Moustache was initiated on a cold winter day while the founders were driving a company minivan through the heart of nowhere and listening to an audio book about the liberty of making a living by doing what you love on your own terms. Cycling was the answer and, after a conversation on the topic, they knew immediately that they could fuse cycling and fashion to introduce a product that people like them would dig. We think the results are awesome, and we know you're going to dig their unique designs as well.

As the original air-flow design sock the Aerator is the sock that kicked off the air-flow rage years ago. Today the Aerator still leads in durability wicking drying and air permeability. Aerator stays cooler and more comfortable on your feet and lasts longer than anything else out there. That is why the Aerator remains the top pick of athletes competing at the highest level of sport

- Materials: 60% Nylon, 39% COOLMAX EcoMade (recycled plastic bottles - like the overpriced bottle of water you had to buy at the last concert you attended) and 1% Spandex

- Colour: Multicolour


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