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Do you find most titanium bikes on the market a bit dull and samey? So do we! Lustre is different. Not primarily to look different but to be better.


Difficult Material

Titanium is a bitch! You have to know it to have your way with it. That‘s why we got help from someone who does. The designer behind Lustre has more than 30 years of experience working with titanium in the aerospace industry.


Stand Out Features

The pinched top and down tubes are no gimmick. They play a vital role in the redistribution of forces that pull and twist the frame. And the beautifully crafted monostay is there for a reason, too, with the limited space to attach the seat stays to the seat tube.


Only the Best

The Shimano Dura Ace mechanical and electronic/disc groupsets, Tokka wheels and Deda Superleggera cockpits underline the top notch character of Lustre. Little details such as Jagwire link housing of the cables are just a cherry on top of the cake.


Custom Options

Although we are confident that the raw two standard designs on offer suit Lustre well, you can pick any colour you want for a little extra money. And you can add a personal touch such as logo, your name or your initials anywhere you choose. And if none of our 24 frame geometry set-ups fit you, you can opt for custom geometry.




Order your dream bike with us

If you have any additional question; do not hesitate contact us. We will guide and help providing best option to your ultimate journey building your own dream bike.

Contact us here.