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CW exciting stories to share....


What is a “club” without membership fees, no committees, no rules and regulations, no big egos to layan which means no politics and ruined relationships?!

We think it’s simply called being FRIENDS! No nonsense, only good conversations, good rides, great explorations and a list of wonderful privileges.

We are all friends.. which means we all belong to the  “perfect club”!

Friends of CyclistWardrobe we welcome you.

F-AKER@Cyclist Wardrobe

Another wonderful gathering of Freitag F-ans.

We are happy to see; so many f-riends,so many smiles, so much joy.

Freitag x Cyclist Wardrobe

Celebrating the end of CNY festivities with a Chap Goh Meh Ride !

As a Friend of Cyclist Wardrobe, you already enjoy our hospitality when you drop in. But, we want to do more.. and especially when you are out riding around KL. Hence, we are taking this special opportunities to launch our ‘Coffee Rider’ Campaign.

We know how much you all love a great cup of coffee during the ride and we have tied up with a few popular cafes with cyclists. We even made extra strong bicycle racks that will be placed at these cafes for the stable storage of your bikes. So we hope you can enjoy a coffee on us, the next time you are out riding, drop in to our store to learn more details about how to redeem them.

For a start, we have extended the partnership with 3 wonderful cafes - CommonMan@TTDI, Wolf & Turtle@Bukit Tunku and BLVCK with more to come as we grow the network.



What an amazing ride with all our funtastic community. We hope you all had a great time also for Cyclist Wardrobe’s last community ride of 2022. Special thanks to the team for supporting all the riders, BLVCK coffee for the awesome beverages, Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant for hosting and the food and Global Synergy Sport for the support.

We look forward to 2023 to bring you even more great experiences. Till then, CIAO 2022!


That was a fun and challenging ride up Fraser’s that we as a community completed together!
Thank you @turbomad.cycle as well as @globalsynergysports for organising this fun event.


Finding treasure never been this fun. Explore the city of Kuala Lumpur and zig zag through urban jungle to the destined station. Moreover able to take photo with Oslo!


“A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.”
And this is the spirit showed by all the lovely ladies that challenged themselves to finish the 100km challenge. Proving yet again, that when a woman sets her mind on it, the world should take note and get out of her way.
Cyclist Wardrobe applauds your efforts and we wish you ever better experiences on your bicycle.


The weather was perfect, traffic was light and the participants of the Rapha Women’s 100 Training Ride were enthusiastic! We hope you all had a good workout.

Remember, we are gearing up for the actual 100km event on the 18th of September, so do keep up your own training.


We are so happy to see so many riders who had a great time at the Tropicana Go-Go-FIT event this weekend. We would like to thank the management of Tropicana for the invite to participate and for the initiative to encourage more healthy activities.


We open a POP-UP store in the Pearl of the Orient, Penang on the 6-7th of August in Le Petit Four Patisserie.

We have taken a LOT of pictures and videos and our team is busy editing them and we will publish them when ready on our FACEBOOK and IG.

See you all again soon!

Pedla 5/1 Fun Ride - Hulu Langat

A follow up to our hugely successful 9/9 ride in 2018, we are pleased to organise another fun ride! We ride the picturesque hills of Hulu Langat, starting and ending the ride at Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant.

Here are the pictures...Enjoy and look forward to meet again in near future.


22nd DEC 2019 - We are extremely proud to reveal one of the most exciting bike brands to originate from the USA - No22 to Malaysian! Handmade built to perfection by passionate builders.

Thank you all for attending the launch of No22 Bicycles in Malaysia. Little needs to be said about these beautiful creations, when you can experience them with your own eyes and try them out for yourselves. Drop in anytime and test ride one of our demo bikes and appreciate the magical ride qualities as well as savouring the stack of dime welds throughout the bike. A good bike rides well. A great bike does that and makes you take second glances at every opportunity.

14th Dec 2019 - A FREITAG F-AKER event which allow participants get the chance to make your own "Reflectors Skull" and meet up all the F-Friends in town. Everyone had a great time and we look forward organize another FREITAG event really soon. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy the video below:


14th June 2019 - Cyclist Wardrobe proudly present Festka's latest creations for the 2019/20 season. Enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into the building of each bespoke bike as well as win many fantastic prizes by our sponsors like Silca, Crankalicious and much more. Early birds are also going to be pleasantly surprised!

We are also happy to introduce LAKA - Insurance Powered By Community, which we think is going to revolutionise how we insure our prized bicycles. Also present, will be our bike fitters of choice, Little Rock, and they will explain why and how they perform their bike fits, which is essential to getting your personalised bike geometry for a bike made exclusively for you.


23rd Feb 2019 - Our second Frietag workshop making your own A F-AKE FREITAG POUCH! Even though we have only 100 F-AKE pouches material nevertheless great turn up by fellow FREITAGERs making this workshop another success.

F-aker F-irst
3rd Nov 2018 - Cyclist Wardrobe first Frietag workshop event was super fun and we managed to raise RM4500 for Action4Diabetics.org. Thanks to all who came!

Pedla 9/9 Ride, Hulu Langat

Some snaps of Pedla 9/9 2018 Ride @ Hulu Langat. Thank you everyone for the attendance and so much fun being shared throughout the whole ride.