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Comets are astronomical objects made with ice, dust and rocks which roam the sky at high speed. They would wander around aimlessly by themselves, ending up who knows where in the outer space. However, there is order in the anarchy: the Sun keeps them in orbital tracks that can be elliptical, parabolic or hyperbolic, but always stable. In the same way, Comet Eater is much more than a simple bicycle. Comet Eater is an attitude. With it you can carry on to your destination regardless of the ground you find or how difficult it is. This bicycle will let you bring out your explorer side, keeping always forward without anything limiting you.

Comet Eater has a clearance of 700x45 or 650bx50, which will devour any gravel path no matter how difficult it seems. It is also designed to respect a position as similar as possible to a road bike, with the same Q factor.

This bicycle is crafted in Madrid using the “fillet brazing” technique, with a special combination of steel tubes.

The result is a piece that combines flexibility, stiffness and durability in the adequate areas and can adapt to any kind of ground you want to ride, without any problem.

  • Built in steel.

  • Manufactured in Madrid.

  • Disc brakes with wheel arch up to 50mm in 650b and 45mm in 700c.

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame.

  • Columbus carbon fork.

  • ENVE gravel fork upgrade option.

  • Available just frameset or with two different building options.

Order your dream bike with us

If you have any additional question; do not hesitate contact us. We will guide and help providing best option to your ultimate journey building your own dream bike.